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Medical services are provided and billed through our office. All fees are within usual and customary guidelines for specialty care. The type of insurance you have and available benefits will determine if payment is due at the time of service or can first be filed with your insurance. Your insurance may require pre-certification prior to treatment.

We ask that copays, co-insurance, deductibles and non-covered services be paid at the time of service if they apply. Payments may be made by cash, check or credit card (MC-VISA-Discover).


Dr. Marasco participates in most major commercial health insurance plans. Following is a list of the healthcare plans we currently accept. Upon scheduling your appointment we will enter your insurance information in our system, if there is anything that you would be responsible for other than a copay, co-insurance or deductible the office insurance department will notify you prior to your appointment. You will need to present your current insurance card and a photo id at your initial visit. 

A billing statement will be sent for any additional financial responsibility you may have upon receipt of insurance payments. 






  •  Anthem

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois

  • Aetna

  • United Healthcare

  • Franciscan Health Network HMO

  • Cigna Health Care

  • UMR

  • Medicare  and Medicare Replacement Plans

  • Prairie States 

  • Humana

  • Professional Claims Management

If your health plan is not listed you can inquire by calling our office at 219-769-3381. 









We do see Medicare patients and follow the current Medicare Fee Schedule. Payment for services that are not covered by Medicare are due at the time the service is rendered. Medicare will be filed by our office on your behalf. The patient will be responsible for any allowable balance due. 



What charges and billing will I receive?

Upon completion of each appointment you will receive a statement of professional services rendered and a receipt of payment. After your insurance has paid, we'll provide you with a monthly statement of your account if a balance is due.

How long will it take to get things settled with the insurance company?

Depending on your insurance carrier and the method of claim submission (electronic or paper) it takes 2-4 weeks to obtain payment from an insurance carrier.​ It can take longer if additional records are requested or required to process your claim.

What if I have questions about insurance payments?

We can assist you with an explanation of benefits for professional services provided by our office. However, for answers to any questions about specific plan benefits and payments, deductibles, co-insurance or co-payments, you will need to contact your insurance company. 

What Is a Copay and Why Do I Need to Pay It?

Health insurance companies require members to share the cost of healthcare, often in the form of copayments and deductibles. A copayment, which is typically shortened to copay, is a fixed amount you are required to pay for covered medical services.

The copayment amount depends on your plan and coverage, as well as the type of treatment you are receiving.

A copay is different than a deductible. Your plan deductible is the amount you must pay per year before your health insurance company will begin covering any approved medical costs.

A copayment is also different than any required coinsurance, which is the portion of your medical care that you are required to pay for after you have met your deductible. Coinsurance is usually presented as a percentage of medical care.

For example, a health insurance plan might have a $1,000 deductible, followed by 80/20 coverage. This means that after you have met your $1,000 deductible (or paid for your first $1,000 of covered expenses out of your own pocket), your insurance will cover 80% of the remaining covered expenses for the plan year and you would cover the other 20%.


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