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In response to COVID-19 restrictions we will be offering telemedicine and e-consultation options for both established and new patients. 

Telemedicine HIPPA Compliant Appointments Available During Covid-19 Public Health Crisis  Are Currently Not Available 

Patient Information Regarding Scheduled Telemedicine Appointments

A telemedicine appointment has been scheduled for you. We are following HIPPA compliant guidelines for telemedicine visits using a secure system called Doximity. You will need to arrange for uninterrupted time on your phone for your appointment. You will need to be prepared to provide the doctor with information of your current prescriptions and allow the doctor to view your lower extremities for examination as needed.*

To Use Doximity

1. You will get a text message on your cell phone saying, “Hello -this is A. Marasco - please join me for a secure video call.”

2. Click on the link to activate the call.

3. Your phone will ask you to allow access to your camera and microphone - Please click allow.

4. You will be asked to join the video call.

*You will need to reverse your camera and use the back facing camera for the doctor to view your lower extremities.

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