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Why Your Feet Hurt More in the Fall

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

The seasons are changing and with the arrival of autumn, we begin to notice the crisp chill that signifies the end of summer. Shifting from shorts and swimsuits to sweaters and scarves, it's important to recognize the ways in which our bodies adjust to the seasons as well. Seasonal shifts and changes in the weather effect our skin, our metabolism, moods and immune system, our muscles and our bones. While foot gear doesn't create most foot problems the introduction of colder-weather shoes may mean increased foot pain. Switching to more confining foot gear including shoes with narrow foot boxes during the cooler months may cause rubbing against a pre-existing deformity in which case may become inflamed.

Many bone and joint problems become progressive over time and what might have been a lesser problem in the past now becomes painful with negative effects on your daily activities and quality of life. This fall, as you notice a change in the air and watch the trees shed their leaves, make sure you are just as aware of the ways in which your body is changing.


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