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Shabby Shoes

Wearing old prescription glasses like wearing shabby shoes can present problematic symptoms. In the case of your eyes an outdated prescription can cause eye strain that leads to headaches, blurry vision and problems focusing or delay the diagnosis or detection of more significant eye or health problems. Walking around in worn out shoes can aggravate pre-existing foot problems or initiate new problems putting more stress on connective tissue that overstretches and tears. Bony growths can form when your foot muscles and heel bone membranes overstretch and strain creating spurs, inflamed tendons, difficulty in walking and chronic pain.

Foot pain is caused by improper foot function, structural abnormalities, instabilities and injuries, infections, underlying medical problems such as diabetes, metabolic disorders and genetics. Many factors contribute to foot pathology and the onset can be congenital or acquired. Broken down, poorly fitting shoes can worsen and, in some cases, cause or contribute to foot problems. Shoes that properly support the foot, ankle and lower extremity are foundational and help ensure that your feet are optimally protected and are an integral part to preventive foot health.

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