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Can You Have Your Jimmy Choo's and Healthy Feet Too?


A survey conducted by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) reports that 82% of all women suffer from some type of foot problem.  After all women today are always on their feet traveling an average of 47,085 miles by their 30th birthday! 

Foot pain and pathology are often blamed on shoes but shoes in and of themselves don't necessarily cause foot problems but they can aggravate a pre-existing condition or a hereditary disposition towards developing a foot problem. It should however be noted that exaggerated foot gear can effect foot function and with the popularity of certain women shoe styles, there are a few things to note to make sure your feet are healthy and well managed.

Heels over 2 inches change the way you walk. The higher the heel the more pressure put on the ball of your foot ( 7 times more pressure with a 3 inch heel). What about those sleekly fashionable ultra flats? Ultra flat, thin soled shoes or sandals without an arch can be a problem and may cause an inflammation of the plantar fascia resulting in a condition known as plantar fasciitis.

Try this advice from leading podiatric physicians, including myself, who have treated thousands of women's foot problems and recommend the following:

Choose a shoe with a heel low enough to walk but high enough not to strain the arch of the foot Choose a shoe that is full in front (roomy toe box) with ample room for your toes Choose a shoe with a heel counter (back of the shoe) that is rigid and bends only at the forefront;if it twists in the middle there may be too much flexibility to support the foot Limit the time you wear heels above 2 inches Alternate the height of the heels in order to prevent the Achilles tendon from tightening and shortening Choose wider more stable heels Shop for shoes towards the end of the day to allow for normal daily swelling

Remember it's important not to neglect signs or symptoms associated with foot pathology such as sharp heel pain, numbness or tingling in the foot or toes, aching in the arch of your foot or discoloration of nails to keep your feet fit.

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