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Conquer the Post-Pandemic

As the post-pandemic recovery still continues many of my patients are still unsure about the best way to re-ignite their exercise routine. COVID-19 and its variants have forced many people to delay participation in sports and other physical activities. Getting back to exercise safely whether due to illness, injury or a global pandemic should always be done slowly and gradually to build your body’s exercise tolerance back up. Jumping right back into an activity you haven’t done in a while and expecting to pick up where you left off inevitability leads to unwanted aches and pains, overuse injuries and potential structural damage.

Fitness experts agree that a regular walking practice is a good way to get back to exercise and should be at the top of your post-pandemic exercise list. Extensive research and volumes of anecdotal evidence shows that walking is a powerful mood booster with the potential to lower cortisol, reduces stress and anxiety, positively impact self-esteem and improve brain health with a restorative effect of time spent in nature. However as temperatures drop with snow, ice and freezing rain walking outside can be limited. If you find walking in place at the gym or on a home treadmill monotonous or you are unable to extend yourself to certain physical activities there are many other ways to begin or get back into your walking routine.

With a mobile app called The Conqueror you can walk along the historic Hadrian’s Wall across the north of England, hike through the incredible landscape of Yellowstone National Park, go the distance on the Great Wall of China, or walk the Amalfi Coast (one of our personal favorites). There are over 30 walk, bike, run or swim interactive maps you can follow. Every time you add a workout, you also advance on the map. You receive custom virtual postcards when you reach certain milestones conquering your fitness goals with every step you take. Each postcard contains interesting information about the location and the visual graphics will keep you motivated and focused. There are a community of people from all over the world will encourage you and share their stories.

Having a fitness goal in mind is a good idea when you get back to your routine. But you may find it difficult to achieve initially. Set smaller goals to get larger goals. Our staff goal is The Conqueror's Iceland's Ring Road (828 miles) walking 15 minutes at a time.

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