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Prescription Orthotics

Your Doctor has recommended prescription orthotics as part of your treatment plan. Prescription orthotics ARE NOT ARCH SUPPORTS or OVER THE COUNTER INSOLES. They are a functional biomechanical device made from a positive plaster mold of your feet and are individual to each patient.

The term "orthotics" or foot orthosis can be found all over the internet but all orthotics are not created equal. The success of an orthotic device first depends on the proper medical diagnosis and the expertise and skill of the provider and should only be initiated as part of a defined treatment plan outlined by your physician. Prescription orthotics may be combined with other treatment modalities or surgical interventions and are customized according to age and diagnostic need.

Your Appointment Begins with a Biomechanical Exam

Foot and ankle biomechanics relates to a variety of factors including motion, gait, pedal stability and muscle action and gives a basis for determining the normality and abnormality of body structure. Clinical measurements of the lower extremity are made using specialized instruments and your practitioner's expertise to confirm findings and recognize abnormal structural conditions which effect the way you walk.

Orthotic Fabrication

The making of your orthotics is a 23 step process fabricated by specialized technicians according to your Doctor's prescription. Typically the process of making your orthotics takes approximately 2 weeks. They may or may not be covered under your insurance plan. You may contact the office for more information.

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