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The Right Walking Routine During COVID-19

More of us our walking now as a way to get a break away from the isolation of COVID-19. Start with baby steps, slowly and deliberately to avoid overuse problems especially if you haven't been walking that much. You don't necessarily have to power walk. Any little increment of physical activity is going to be a great boost to feeling better. Even 5 or 10 minutes of moving around reaps benefits.

Wearing the right footwear is essential. Walking puts a significant amount of pressure on your feet, which can cause pain and aggravate underlying biomechanical problems if you aren’t wearing well-fitting walking shoes. Hydrate well before you begin walking and be aware of where you are walking. Grass, sand, dirt, paths and roads are never completely level and many lower extremity injuries, fractures and sprains are caused by uneven terrain.

Spatial distancing (social distancing) is still important so remember to keep about 2 meters (or 6.5 feet) between yourself and other people. That’s about 3 arm-lengths for the average sized adult. And remember when you get home after being outside, wash your hands again with hot water and soap, for at least 20 seconds,

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